Monday, January 31, 2011

Entry 3901 A New Way to Share Experiences

It's been some time since anything's been added here...yes, all is well, and (no rhyme scheme intended) there's much to tell. For example: A company I had been with for more than 6 years has gone under and called it quits. Life's still great--well, mostly (you know me, I'll find something) ;). My current relationship is still going strong (more on that later). And, I have a new way to post entries here.

That last one--it's through email...while that's always been an option, it's usually been my way to sit down and just crank them out from the Mac know, smoking cigars, drinking 7&7s, that whole thing. Well, I also have a Newton MessagePad NT2100 that I can use to email entries. I've had it for some time...just learned about the emailing entries part.

"Okay, so what's a "Newton MessagePad NT2100", you ask?'s by Apple Computer, circa 1997...arguably the best thing about it is the amazing handwriting recognition (HWR for short). It's the ORIGINAL "PDA" (the then-CEO of Apple coined that term when it was introduced)'s kind of big, as handheld devices go.

It's the grandfather of the iPad...yes, that's how important it is. The lessons Apple learned from the Newton, it applied many of them to the iPad.

What this means is I can write something down and send it by email here to Xanga, from the Newton...and it'll be posted. That's, "write it down"--literally yes, with my own handwriting--which it converts to text.

Much more can be found on the Newton here, at another website I have just for it: .

There will be more to follow...a variety of different things, in the near future. Stay close.

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