Friday, September 16, 2005

Entry 3079 08.29.05: The Darkest Hour In Our History

I am very angry...make that incredibly angry.

I'm also very disgusted.

I've been patiently waiting for all these feeling to I can write something intelligent here.

It's been almost three weeks now...and it still hasn't happened.

I don't think it's going to.

The question I keep asking myself is...HOW? How could we ever let this happen?

Forty-eight hours before it happened, we knew...and those we trusted did next to nothing.

We knew about where it was going to hit, to make was so powerful that it didn't really matter WHERE it hit. 

In My Humble Opinion, Hurricane Katrina--more precisely, the way we handled it (or even more precisely, DIDN'T)--makes New York's 9/11 disaster in 2001 look less of a tragedy, if that's even possible.

HOW? How could we ever let this happen?

While I do believe that we need to move ahead and stop some point, the question still must be answered....

HOW? How could we ever let this happen?

I feel the anger rising inside me again...I'm going to have to stop, for now. Still, I have gotten farther with this entry than I have with other attempts at it.

Still...all those people. All that needless tragedy. They waited, and waited...for help that came much too late for some of them.

Help that should've been there HOURS after Katrina hit...not days or WEEKS later!

Their government...OUR government...let them down. Allowed them to die, just as sure as if they had done the killing. If you know the outcome and do are just as guilty as if YOU YOURSELF CAUSED that outcome.

PLEASE...give whatever you can to whichever charitable organization you choose (the Red Cross is MY best choice, as they seem to be doing the most good). But it only really matters that you give as generously as you can--your time, you blood, your monetary donation....

ALL THOSE PEOPLE...and all those poor animals, now abandoned, who also counted on us to take care of them....

HOW? How could we ever let this happen?